flood defence

Flood team in action 19/20 february

22 february

The flood alarms were triggered on 19/20 February warning of a potential flood, and the response team acted speedily to sandbag requests as usual – proving the value of the RiverTrack system. Thanks to John Wheatley, Grant Watson, Craig Nixon, Boab Kydd, John Rose and Grant Simpson. It should also be pointed out that the work done by the Council on the burn itself and the wee burn down Johnshill has proven to be hugely effective. Our next task now is to ensure it continues.

Work with PKC continues and we are also looking for funding to stock the container with equipment to help mitigate any potential damage caused by flooding.  And finally, just a reminder about sandbags:  it would be really appreciated if those folk who have stored sandbags look after them – once they burst they are useless.

phone tree to be reviewed

25 february

There are issues with the flood alert phone tree.  It is not being used the way it should be.  Some numbers are coming up as unrecognised.  We will revisit this as soon as possible as it’s a vital tool to keep the community informed in emergency.  If you are on the phone tree and have changed your number recently please make sure we have the new number – call 07840 755339.