What's ACSG all about?

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To empower the people of Alyth to have food, health and well-being, economic and emergency- response resilience whilst sustaining trust and good communication throughout our community.

Core values
  • Support local
  • Support each other
  • Use local knowledge and skills
  • Value volunteers
Goals – objectives over the next 3 years
  • Provide aid for people who are affected by food poverty.
  • Source experts who can support and empower people in need of advice or new skills.
  • Become financially independent.
Natural Flood Management (NFM) measures
  • Deploy volunteer river keeps in the Den ‘o’ Alyth to routinely survey and report findings to relevant bodies.
  • Seek professional advice regarding possible NFM measures from the Den ‘o’ Alyth to the source.
  • Implement those measures in partnership with SEPA, SNH and PKC.
Urban Flood Management measures
  • Maintain the burn tidy and Alyth clean-up project, exploring side projects that would encouragepartnership with younger members of the community such as AYP, Scouts, Brownies and Guides and also with Alyth in Bloom.
  • Seek professional advice regarding possible FM measures in the town.
  • Implement those measures in partnership with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and Perth and Kinross Council (PKC).
Emergency Response
  • Install and effectively use RiverTrack monitors in order to develop an alert system that willactivate the emergency response.
  • Source a site for an emergency flood response equipment store, select and fund the most appropriate tools and equipment.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to deploy equipment.
  • Develop partnerships with other organisations and groups in Alyth and elsewhere where relevant in order to deliver projects collaboratively and encourage involvement from as much of the community as possible regardless of background, circumstances or skills.
  • Build rapport with the community by being transparent about our projects and their progress and give the community opportunities to contribute opinions and resource (volunteer).
  • Be committed to communicating with as much of the Alyth community as possible recognisingand understanding that to achieve this, multiple channels must be used.
Organisational design & roles needed

We achieve nothing without volunteers. They are our most valuable resource and asset.

Team leaders will run each project and sit on the committee for agreed periods of time. Team leaders may have more than one project; each will update the project log and feed in to the committee at meetings. Some projects may have their own budget for which the team leader will be responsible. Other requests for resources will be sent to the office bearers as they arise.

Office bearers will continually review the budget and the goals of the group, updating the strategic plan as necessary.